School of Life

If the final exam for a semester is just a piece of paper, what do you think the final exam for life will be?

If someone works so hard and so diligently to get a degree, why wouldn't I work 1,000 times harder for heaven? What's worth more?

I'm not running through university hallways, I'm trying to walk on the Straight Path. I don't answer a Professor, I respond to my Creator. I don't get up for class, but I bow down in prayer. I don't take pop quizzes, rather my faith is tested. There's no tuition, but I'm paying my dues. At the end of the year I won't be selling back my books, but at the end of my life I'll be given a book.

Then and only then will I know if I passed the ultimate test. I won't be accepting a diploma but inshallah I'll receive something else in my right hand. I'm striving for the top level and no I don't mean the Dean's list-- I mean the DEEN'S list...

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