Sand and Sujood

THE BEACH. There is just something about it that pulls me in. I have loved the beach my entire life. Even when I was a kid, I remember going to Silver Lake with my mom or my Auntie Kelly and packing a whole day's worth of fun into the car and hitting the road. We'd bring all kinds of things to cook out, watermelon, fruit salad, floaty things, and lots of sunscreen.

Now that I live in a beach city, my trips to the water are still a part of my life. Every week, Mo and I like to take mini road trips and head out with no plan. We often end up in little places off the beaten path and make our own little picnics. It's my favorite part of the week and it's something we both look forward to.

Since there are 5 prayers in a day, most often the noon-ish prayer called Dhor and the Asr prayer is in the afternoon. Just because we are at the beach does not mean that we don't take time out to pray.  We always bring prayer mats with us and my phone has a compass app on it so we know which direction to face when we pray. There's a position during prayer while your head is on the ground and it is called Sujood.

We always make time to pray and it feels so good. There's nothing more peaceful than feeling the raw earth underneath you and hearing the sound of crashing waves next to you. Worship is for the Most High.

One day, we brought a sheet and made a makeshift lean-to with it. It was perfect because it was like a little fort and provided us with perfect shade.

It gets the thumbs up of approval

These gnaoua guys were walking along the beach, rang-bang-boomin' around and playing their racket!  They're like musical nomads.

After I took this out (which is a fancy-shmancy fan I bought in Spain), Mo said, "Oh good, you brought the air conditioner!"

I found this cluster of sea-stuff and I thought for sure they were going to open up and start belting out show tunes from "The Little Mermaid" or something.

How about this seaweed?!

This guy was so happy while he was fishing. Hopefully he caught some big ol' floppy fish!

Does anyone know what these red things are? I found lots of them hiding under rocks right on the shore. They look like clown noses or something and I've never seen them before. If you know what they are, can you please comment?

This is a little stretch of beach just north of Taghazout.

One Sunday, we found this perfect little cave opening to shade us from the hot sun. It was perfect! We had lunch underneath there, too.

Time to pray again. :)

This is after we both prayed Asr together. The day was warm, sunny, and with a perfect breeze.

And lastly, check this out:

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