JB in the House!

Recently, I've gotten quite a few emails about people wanting to know what my house in Morocco looks like. The wait is over. Here's a little video of my spot. Welcome!

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Ruja said...

It's like I am hearing my own voice. I totoally agree with you on the cleanliness of the american/african toilet. Was that a plunger in there though? heehh

Jaime Brown said...

I kno-uwww, ri-yeet?! We totally have the same voice. We should 3-way call Mom one day and see if she can tell who's who.

PS--that's not a plunger, it's a brush. I bleach that mug all the time!! I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE the smell of bleach. Obsessed.

Love you sister. :D

Anonymous said...

this is awesome! love to see how you made your place so "you". Jaime Brown you are a brave woman. I'm proud to know you.