Sounds From The Streets

Anyone who knows me can attest that I am a city girl. I love the excitement and energy of a big city because it feels like the place is bustling and alive. There’s something about the buzz of so many people doing so many different things that I’m really drawn to. After living in LA and constantly hearing the sounds of helicopters, sirens, music, lawnmowers, traffic, and so on, it’s taken me a while to get used to such a calm atmosphere in Morocco. Agadir is right in the middle of laid back and busy and maybe that’s why I like it. It’s not the “boonies” but it’s not Casablanca, either. There’s just enough going on here to balance out the tranquility of the natural landscape. However, there are a few sounds that I hear on a regular basis and I want to bring you into my world for a few minutes.

There’s a whole crew of people that work within the streets of the neighborhoods. They buy, sell, and bargain their way through alleys and rows of houses and apartments. Each person is different, but over time I’ve come to recognize them by their voices alone. You see, they don’t bother with renting storefronts or setting up shop in the souk. Oh no, my friend, oh no. Instead, they walk, ride, push, or pedal their way around shouting at the top of their lungs whatever goods they have available. Sometimes it’s fish, sometimes it’s bleach, and sometimes they’re just asking for money.

Over the past few weeks I’ve taken recordings of the cast of characters so you can listen and see what I experience on a daily basis. Ready? Here we go…

  1. The Beer guy.

    No, not that kind of beer. It’s more like “bier.” That would be the Darija word for “sell.” This guy is one of the most aggressive of the bunch. He pushes a cart around full of random junk in hopes that people will want whatever he has that particular day. It’s kind of like the world’s oldest form of eBay.  He calls out, “Beeeeeeeeer, beerp beerp beerp!” and that’s how everyone knows he’s coming. If you have something that’s broken or you just don’t want it, you bring it down to the street for him to buy. He’ll fix it if it’s broken and sell it later in the week, or just buy it from you and sell it later down the road. You can hear the guy from a mile away and if you flag him down from your window, he’ll stop. Then you’re able to peruse his cart full of goods and wares, and buy or sell as you please. He comes around a few times every day and he’s impossible to ignore.

  1. The Fish guy.

    There are a few fish dudes in my hood and they’re all unique. I can tell who it is by how they shout out in Darija, “HUUUUUUUUUD!! HUUUUUUUUUUD!!” 
    Basically, they go down to the beach or marina and pick up the catch of the day in the morning. Typically you can find sardines, sol, and a few other kinds of flat fish. They put in on the back of their motorbike or bicycle and it’s usually rotting in the hot sun. Sounds delicious, right? Well these gentleman don’t seem to bother with health inspections, so eat at your own risk. The perk for some people is that the fish come literally to your door. I guess an ecoli or salmonella infection is a small price to pay for convenience.

  1. The Gnaoua guys.

    A very traditional cultural music here is gnaoua (pronounced guh-NOW-uh) and you can hear it everywhere from restaurants to the souk to your front door, and there’s even a huuuuuuge music festival dedicated to it every year in Essaouira. Most times, the guys will get dressed up in classical regalia and parade around the streets rang-bang-boomin’ around in exchange for money from the unwilling listeners. Despite not being invited by anyone, they walk up and down the streets and expect you to open your windows and drop money down to them. If you don’t, they’ll keep playing. And playing. And playing. At some point, you’ll be annoyed enough that you’ll actually be paying them to stop and go away. Works every time.

  1. The Bleach Boys.

    They’re not takin’ you to Aruba or Jamaica, but they are trying to keep your house smelling lemony fresh. You can see a whole cart full of bleach, aka, “Juh-VEEEEEEEEEEL” and you can pick whatever scent you want. This guy also has a big selection of powdered dish soap, perfumed Lysol-ish stuff that doesn’t disinfect (just smells good), and he sells it all in recycled water bottles. I wonder if they have a scent called Kokomo Coconut…

  1. The Rolling DJ

    These disc jockeys can be seen in various locations around the city, but they’re definitely not wearing giant mouse heads or fist-pumping. Nope, they’re selling cds of the Quran. Someone had an idea to rig a car cd-player up to a generator on a rolling cart, and it caught on like wildfire. The young guys just stroll along with the Quran recitation blasting from a big subwoofer. In this video, you can see a “HUUUUUUUD!” guy makin’ a sale in the alley and then BONUS #1 you get to hear and see the kid with the Quran cart. BONUS #2 is that you also get to see 2 dudes pushin’ a pallet fulla bananas down the middle of the road. Totes typical.

  1. The Pied Piper of Agadir

    I have to admit, the guys with the flutes might be my faves. They roam around like the Gnaoua guys except it’s usually a one-man show with a flute. The first time I heard it, I expected to see children running at his feet and all the rats of the city running along with them…

7.  The Douche Guy

I'm not actually sure that this guy is a douche, but he mentions it several times in his unknown speech. I honestly have watched this video over and over again and all I can make out is, "Shower, kitchen, doesn't work"---and not in that order. There's something about a pressure cooker in there too, but I can't be 100% sure. This guy took things to a whole-nutha-level with his mini microphone (which I heard someone call a "meekro" and cracked up). I don't know what he's selling, buying, or workin' with but I don't care even slightly. All I know is that he's doin' his thing tryin' to make a quick dirham on the street like everyone else in the crew.

And that my friends, is a look into the alley of wonders.


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Rihanna "Where Have You Been" Illuminati Explained

Well well well...

Another Rihanna video laced with extreme sexuality, mulitple themes, and illuminati symbolism everywhere. At this point, if you don't see all of this, you're either in complete denial or incredibly naive. There's no way that every single video of hers is filled with these signs and that they are all accidental or coincidental. Wake up.

I'll keep this simple and break it down from the beginning.

The opening scene, we see her as an alligator lurking about in a dark swamp. There are a lot of people that believe her transformation into the human Rihanna is a symbol of animalistic shapeshifting. Since I'm not an expert on this, I'll just leave it at that and you can research further if you really want to find out.

Next we see her hilighting only one eye as usual. I mean, what Rihanna video would be complete without it?

Then she goes on to do some sort of tribal dance with a group of men. You can see in the background both the crescent moon and OF COURSE, a pyramid. It's almost becoming laughable. Like really? Another pyramid? Could you make it any more obvious?

The crescent moon is a symbol associated with the Indian/Hindu iconography, specifically within  Tantric Hinduism. An example of that is Shiva. The crescent, symbolising the re-birth or regenerative aspect of the Moon, is symbolic of feminine power and womanhood. We'll see examples of that coming up.

Notice her Shiva-like pants

Next the video cuts to her dancing in a room with a bunch of women. The room has a reddish-orangish, fire-colored warmth to it, possibly symbolizing hell. In this scene, we can see quite a few things present. The first example is the black skull hidden within the lace pattern of her shirt:

Side note: I've explained before in some other posts, the depiction of good vs. evil by using the colors black and white. In almost every scene in this video, the colors are mix-matched on her, as if it's a competition. You'll notice the black and white bracelets in many of the shots, black and white zebra printed rug, and black and white fabric in another scene. This isn't a huge symbol, but it's subtle and it's there. Let's not forget the importance of the black and white Masonic checkered floor, which can be seen in more than one of her other videos. 
Moving on...

In the background, there are 2 baphomet heads. WOW! What a coincidence, huh? Yeah right.

The creepiest part of this scene is the "throne" in the background. It looks like there is some type of strange being sitting on it, although it's like a wispy, smokey shape. This is like the devil watching her dance for him. (If you think I'm crazy, what else could that possibly be there for? Please explain it to me.)  He sits on his throne and watches as she gyrates around like a skank with all the other women. Note the girls on their backs with their legs spread open. Hope your 11 year old daughters aren't watching!

The most obvious slap in your face comes with the dancers actually forming an eye with their hands! Sheesh! They're really just puttin' it all right out there for you to see. They form one eye with Rihanna in the center as the pupil. Just to make sure that you KNOW it's an eye...they actually make it blink. When I saw this for the first time, my jaw dropped.

After that, we can see Rihanna singing naked and emphasizing the female sexuality theme. We see it again when they blast images of her touching herself. When she's dancing with the group, you see the whole shot, but during the part where she's touching her girly parts, they emphasize it by doing a sort of split screen and doubling the image of her and making the second one bigger--just to make SURE you see it.

When she's done dancing around, we see her wearing some pink dress and her personalities seem to "split" (Hmmm...Monarch Programming undertones ya think?). I happened to notice an image of her hidden in the background. It shows her face and of course...one eye. I did a child-like drawing around it so you can see better.

As I said earlier, she has her Shiva symbolism in this video, too. Look at the arms-- totally obvious.

This next image is a good one. 

Let's see...
Reptile theme? She wears reptile costuming
Mostly submersed in water like her swamp scene
Crescent Moon? Yep.
Gold hoop earrings? She wears them in this video.
Weird rock thing? It's in her dance sequence w/the pyramid.
All-seeing eye? Got it.
Check and check. 

Now let's cut to her gold face mask. Looks like a glittery, shimmery face-framing design, right? Yep. But if you look closely, it's made up of inverted crosses (that's no accident) and dollar signs. 

After flashing her face full of gold, we see one of her dancers with face paint on. And (gasp!) wouldn't you know it-- he's got some baphomet horns painted on! Surprise surprise. Of course he's dancing in front of a  hellish fiery-red blazing background. 

As her final scene and approaches (and her shapeshifting back into an alligator) she stops and looks at the camera to flash what else but one eye. The perfect ending.

If you happen to have noticed anything I may have missed, please feel free to post them in the comments section. Hopefully all of you who think people like me who do research (and are "crazy theorists")  will start to see that this is all adding up. Forget what you see on the surface. Do some digging and see what is REALLY going on. This is beyond what goes on in music videos. It's much more than that. 

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