Yucktober 2011

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I decided not to do "The Daily" and have re-named it to "The Occasionally."  Why, you ask? Because it's my blog and I can do whatever I want. Nah-nah-nuh-nyahh-nah.

As you may or may not know, I'm currently fixated on the Yuck-Dumper. (if you're part of the "may not know" group, scroll down to 'Thoughts and Scribbles' to bring yourself up to speed) I'm proud to announce that my obsession has leaked into the entire family here. There are now 5 people who have completely adopted (in my best Moroccan accent) the "yock dompud" into their everyday vocabulary. The best part is, they say it with a straight face as if it were right outta Webster's. When I teach people new words, they learn quickly and immediately discontinue thier old way of saying them. I love that I'm infiltrating this country with my JB-isms. Appartently a lot of other people do, too. Take for example the Darija word for "bad/awful/nasty": khaib.  Sure, it's fine to say "kahib" but why not add a little twist to it? New version = khaiby-khoby. See? Way more fun. If you want to raise the bar a little you can even say khaiby-khoby Bryant. Swish! JB for the 3... #Nothin'ButNet


Everyone knows I love sugar. Like...a lot. I mean I LOVE sweets. There's really not too much out there that I consider too sweet. Unless of course it's Moroccan tea. Now don't get me wrong, I love the mint tea here but 90% of the time it's more like syrup or liquid caramel. At first I was appalled at the obnoxious amount of sugar people here put in the tea and lately it's been getting worse. I'm gonna say it's pretty safe to bet that it's the reason so many people (including young children) here have blackened, disgusting, rotting teeth.  I was having tea the other day and I absolutely had to take a picture of the disturbing amount of sugar. I'm getting grossed out just thinking about it. The person I was with put all three bricks of sugar in there. How much is a brick, you ask? It's the same height as a credit card. I swear these people would snort lines of granulated sugar if it wasn't so expensive.

Please note the ratio of sugar to teapot space. Do your teeth hurt yet?

If you don't like tea, don't worry. There are plenty of other teeth-eroding options for you here in Morocco. There's Coke at every corner store, cafe, restaurant, and snack shop as it runs a complete monopoly here in Morocco. (side note: I'd like to pause in rememberance of an old friend of mine, Dr. Pepper. How I miss you dearly...) Not a fan of carbonation? No problem! You can refuel with some "juice."  Time to Candy Up!



As part of the "Daily" I mentioned the availability of those darling little donuts. Well guess what? They're getting bigger and bigger. It's a wonder I'm not getting bigger and bigger! I don't really have much to say about this whopper of a donut except....


Get it away from me. ((pause)) Nah, just playin', bring that baby over here!!


The opposite of yuck is this: Brownies.

I have to say that I am obsessed with chewy brownies but boxed mixes are prettymuch non-existant here. So I did what anyone with too much time on their hands would do: I made them from scratch. yeah, you heard me right. From scratch. With no real recipe. I just threw a bunch of stuff together and it worked! Nobody here has ever tried them so I was the hero last Sunday. Now if I can just find some carmel...

They don't call me Jaime Brownie for no reason...


Ok, now that you're all sugared-out after reading this blog, it's time for something a little more healthy. I'd like to introduce to a ruby-red little gem of a fruit. It's name is unknown to me but I don't care. It's the jewel fruit to me and I love it. It's a big honkin' ball thing and inside it's filled with all kinds of little bead things that are juicy. Let's get serious for a minute: How good does this look? 

This yuck.

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good to know that they have coke! what would the average person threre choose...pepsi or coke????
peace jaime.

Jaime Brown said...

Coke! The Coke/Pepsi availability ratio is about 99% to 1%. Everywhere you turn you see the Coke logo. It's ridiculous.

Sarah said...

The fruit looks very similar to a pomegranate...at least the seeds look like pomegranate seeds!

Sweets are my thing too, but those sugar "bricks" scare me a little.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a pomegranate

Jaime Brown said...

I thought it was a pommy at first, too but it's not. I think it might be a grenadine. It doesn't stain your hands like a pom, either! :D

Jaime Brown said...

ok, so I google image'd "pomegranate" and "grenadine" and it's the same fruit. I stand corrected. Actually...I sit corrected.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom,

Like the "Occassionally" better than the "Daily" takes the pressure of all concerned.

What I love is buying a little tiny box of concentrated juice---sure, they call it a juice box (the kind the kids carry to school for lunch) and then I dilute it 4 glasses of water to one box. Tastes great! Not sure how the children drink it undiluted but HEY! Not my problem! And not my blackened teeth either.

For sure it's a "ro-man" in Egyptian Arabic or pomegranate. They are in season right now. I know they are great antioxidants! And tasty! I actually sprinkle some sugar on the seeds...but not THAT much sugar. Not sure what else to do with them besides eat them in a dish or sprinkle them in a salad. Ideas?

Gabi said...

Pomegranate recipes :)