Feelin' HOT! HOT! HOT!

We all know I've been in Morocco for over a year now. This has led to many life changes and some I've gotten used to and others I haven't. 

Take for example a shower. Pretty basic for us Americans, right? Every day you wake up, get your towel and take a nice long hot shower for however long you feel like. Not here!  It's considered a luxury if you have a shower in your house. Let's get one thing straight here: There's no bathtub, no massaging jet showerhead and certainly no steady hot water. Picture the little hose thing that  you'd find in an RV. That's the kind of shower we're talking about here.

In the last year, I've had to learn how to bathe the Moroccan way. See also: a bucket. I've lived for a year without hot running water and let me tell you, it's not fun. Imagine doing everything with ice cold water--the dishes, washing your hair in the kitchen sink, hand washing all of your laundry, everything. When you take a shower, it's a process. First you have to take a big tea kettle full of water and heat it on your gas tank. When the water is boiling, it's time to take your shower. You pour the water into a big bucket and add cold water until you get the desired temperature. Then you take a little tiny bucket for pouring and dump it on your head, letting gravity maximize the coverage area. Next you suds yourself up (standing there freezing and wet) and do another head to toe rinse. This is not only inconvenient, but also extremely annoying. 

SO over it.

Every week, I make a trip to the "DOUCHE." Yeah. I know. It's totally gross but it's French for "shower" and it's like the Moroccan version of going to the spa. It costs me 10dhs (about $1.20 USD) for an unlimited shower session. There's long rows of doors like private stalls and you can take as long as you want. The bonus is that the water is actually HOT, and it doesn't fluctuate. This is all fine and wonderful, but it's also annoying to have to plan for this. You don't just walk to the bathroom and take your shower. No ma'am. You have to pack a bag including all your toiletries, shower shoes, a towel, change of clothes, and so on. Then when you are armed with your duffle bag full of stuff, you have to walk 10 minutes to get there. The challenge is to find a stall with an actual showerhead attached to it instead of just a pipe spewing water.  After your shower is done and your fingers are prune-y, you have to get dressed without getting all of your clothes wet. The floor is a flood and one wrong move, and your outfit is soaked. Then you have to tie your hair up and go home. By the time you get there and unpack everything, your wet bun has all kinds of elastic band marks in it and your freshly washed hair is ruined. Yeah. Nice, huh?

Well guess what? WE JUST GOT HOT WATER IN OUR PLACE!!! Now I can take showers like a normal person!  Yes, that's right-- a hot shower every day in the privacy of my own home. This is the best ever! I am so excited you have no idea. I can even (drum roll please) ....let my hair air dry! Yep.


So next time you take a shower, just remember: There are tons of people all over the world sponge-bathin' it up in a bucket. Appreciate what you have, even if it's as basic as hot water. LOVE.

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Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom,


Alhumdulillah for the lack in our life. Without lacking we would never appreciate when we have been blessed.

For the first months of me living in Egypt I had a cr*ptastic shower. It had NO hot water so I had to do the heating of water and then blending the hot and cold in the bucket and YA IT SUCKS. Alhumdulillah we have a beautiful bathroom here.

Showering is much more fun in your own place than in hiking it over for a douche. What did you call your travel case for the weekly shower? Your douche bag? LOL!

Don't let anyone read that last comment if they don't have a sense of humor.

Now, go play Buster Poindexter's HOT HOT HOT and party under the jetstream of steamy heated water.

Heather said...

Oh my gosh, I thought my hot water tank was a pain. At least I get 6-7 minutes of hot running water! You are a trooper for doing that for so long.

The Loerzels said...

Woohoo for hot water!!!

Anonymous said...

Lolol @ the douche bag comment. I'm jealous i didn't think of it first.