The Junk Drawer 2.0

Lately I've been taking a lot of pictures-- ok not just lately, but basically my whole life. It's time to clean out my phone so I'm posting a nice healthy collection of totally unrealated (but totally sweet) pictures here. My commentaries are all random and I'll separate the topics with bullet • points.   Enjoy :)

The Carn.
• Recently, there was a month long carnival/art fair/bazaar that came to town and I decided to check it out. It was actually pretty fun and I found some really great deals when I was shopping. I picked up a 5 piece bamboo kitchen spoon/spatula/doohinkey combo that comes in its own bamboo holder for USD $1.40  Not bad! We hit up the carnival part, too and went on some of the rides--what a trip. Ummm...if you think American carnivals are unsafe, you should really take a look at what goes on here. There was one ride that was similar to "The Orbit" at Six Flags in Gurnee and let me tell you-- I freaked out. The ride itself wasn't that scary, but the "locking latch" mechanism was terrible! Imagine the classic carnival swings but with ski-lift shaped seats instead. Surprisingly, it went really high up in the air and was attached to this rotating crane arm thing. It was so bad I took a picture of it just for you all to appreciate. And if you think the "Carneys" in the states are creepy, well...yeah. I'll leave it at that.

A less dangerous, swirly spinning ride. (I really like this picture a lot.)

Clasp of death. It's not even tight at all. Basically just dangles there...

Cheek Squeezer!
• Every Friday, Mohamed's mom makes cous cous and everyone goes over there to eat. It's  usually pretty relaxing and I get to spend time with Mohamed's brother's little baby boy, Mahmoud. He's around 8 months old and is the cutest little baby ever. I love him so much and just want to squeeze him whenever I see him! He puts on a traditional Moroccan outfit on Fridays and is of course the center of attention. :)

Love this little handsome guy!
Tryna' Catch Me Ridin' Dirty...
• A few weeks ago, we headed over to good ol Ait Melloul (a city that's inland) and we stumbled upon this old musty garage. In it was an antique car of some sort and it was seriously (insert dramatic American girl accent now) COVERED in dust. First thing Mohamed does is write our names in a heart. So cute...and so dirty at the same time!

This just screams romantic, doesn't it? Hahaha!

You Say Loubnane, I say Leblon

• One of my favorite mosques in Agadir is the one pictured below. This whole time I've been calling it the Leblon Mosque and I just found out today it's actually the Loubnane Mosque. Whatever. TomAYto, TomAHto.

Dude Food
• Mohamed brought me this can of "meat" (if you can even call it that) the other day and I was totes grossed. It's allegedly like bologna, except it's pinker and weirder. This might just be Morocco's version of SPAM, but I'm not sure. Like a typical dude, he likes it on everything--grilled cheese sandwiches to omelettes, and even for breakfast. Riiiiight. I'm gonna go ahead and skip it this time. And next time. And every time after that.

The Souk
• Nothing exciting, just a few shots of the fruits and veggies.

...and grains.

We picked up the juiciest watermelon ever! It had almost no seeds and was so good. Doesn't it look like it's just gonna start dripping everywhere?

West Sy-EEEED!
• Here's a picture I took in Compton  Agadir of somebody's whip sittin' on bricks. Sorry 'bout your bad luck, bruh. He's pry got 12's in the trunk...

Mystery Mosque
• On our way to one of our beach picnics, we stopped at this mosque. I think it's so pretty and the detail and design is far more ornate than the picture represents.

Even the stairs are pretty.

Beach Picnic #1
• On Sundays we like to relax in one of our many favorite spots. We usually go to places that aren't full of people so we can have the whole beach to ourselves. There are quite a few spots that we go to and we pack a full picnic and enjoy the day together. Somehow, he always convinces me to bring a thermos of hot tea (yes I'm serious) and 2 little tea glasses. This particular day, we pulled over and used some straw prayer mats to shade the inside of the car. We were going to eat in the sand, but the cross breeze felt soooo good  that we ended up having lunch in there!

Souk Salad
• I made some fruit salad and thought it just looked so pretty in this Moroccan bowl. Thanks to my Mom and Dad's care package, I have a melon baller here and it definitely gets put to use!

My Little Student
• Mahmoud came over to visit me one afternoon, and I decided it was time to give him his first art lesson. I put a smock on him and let him get to work and he loved it! He was very serious the whole time and when he was all done, we gave his first masterpiece to his dad :)

Street Stuff
• I like this. That is all.

Beach Picnic #2
• This is from a different day at the beach but I really like how pretty the water looks

Mahmoud, Take 3
• I really can't get enough of his cuteness. He's sitting on the floor, happy as a clam and sucking on a peach. I love his little tiny hands and his intense fruit-eating looks. Hee hee! I love my little Mahmoudino! xx

Stay Tuned...
Junk Drawer 3.0 coming soon.

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Bonnie Fonk said...

Please pack little Mahmoud in a little box and ship him to Chicago. Omg, I die.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom,

It's funny how the romantic pictures of you and your beloved are SOOOO romantic even though we never see you. Imagined is way more intense than seen. I love the love :)

Colors, as always, in Morocco are gorg'. The fruit salad looks better in your blue dish than in my pink plastic.

PINK! Never again will I think "pretty in pink" after seeing that can-o-meat. Yowza! That's some hard-to-swallow halal. That's the stuff you have to convince yourself it's halal and say, "Bismallah" with every bite.

I do notice the Mahmoud pics are starting to out number the scenery pics. He is becoming your number one attraction/distraction. Love that you gave him an art lesson. I try over here to give a little ed-ju-macation to the young uns. I don't think we'll know until much later if it made them better people---but I hope so :)

Love and Light to You and Yours!


Anonymous said...

That's really cool, showing some aspects we,Moroccans, do not see.

Anonymous said...

Just one thing I have noticed from some of your posts about Morocco from your vision of course, but what i would like to say is that, since i'm from that region and i'm accustomed to that kind of culture and at the same time i live in casablanca, you speak of the South as morocco while some aspects there are totally different from others in different places. This is a general note on most of your posts, but they are awesome.

Jaime Brown said...

Thank you Anonymous above ^^^ :)

I know that the area that I live in is like a completely different world compared to Casa or Rabat. I've traveled all over the country and from my own personal experiences I've found that Agadir is the opposite of modern-- with the exception of the great beachfront and boardwalk.

Most of the people I know here are very much against anything new or unusual-- for example most people refuse to change the clocks for daylight savings time. Umm..it's not an option. But a lot of people are very hard-headed when it comes to change. Perhaps that's because of the strong Berber pride here in Agadir. Allahuallam.

I'm glad that as a Moroccan you find my posts "awesome" because I never ever intend to offend anyone. My writing comes from the things I see in front of MY eyes, not necessarily what's happening throughout the rest of the country.

I love this place very much. If I didn't... I wouldn't live here. :)

Thanks for reading!

Arkia Marnie said...

Omg!! I hate that meat in a can! My brother sometimes gives it to me when i go to his house and im like nooooo take it away! Lol