This is just a quick shout-out to 3 friends of mine who have recently started their own blogs.

#1-- Born in the Call by John V. Riccio. This blog is a roller-coaster of information ranging from astronomy to veterans' rights to hemp and its benefits to yoga and everything in between. There's some interesting things you can learn here. He's a big fan of exposing things most people have never even heard about. Check it out. 

Born in the Call

#2--Garber's Gardens by Bobby Strash.  My favorite part of this blog is the backstory. Through generations of family gardening, Bobby has learned how to tend and mend the earth. He helped his grandparents as a little boy and now is taking full responsibility of reviving a family tradition passed down through generations. Read as he takes you from the stages of the first compost and beyond while lacing it with love and reaping what he sows. 

Garber's Gardens

#3--Project Ripped by Nina Anderson.  If you've ever 'let yourself go' and needed to get back into the habit of working out, then you can definitely relate. This blog is about the necessary steps towards changing your body from the inside out and how to transition into a healthy lifestyle. Nina is training for her first figure competition and is also a personal trainer. She plans to include a variety of tips and guidelines to get in shape and will be expanding into other topics on her blog.

Project Ripped

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