I'll admit... I have nothing clever, quirky, or smart-allecky to say about this post. It's just a collection of beautiful sunsets I've taken pictures of since I've been here. I'm throwing in a few bonus pictures just to be nice. It's nice to be nice.

In the middle of Marrakech

Right after a romantic dinner on the beach

On the coast somewhere between Agadir and Rabat

Almost time for the sunset prayer

Near Essaouira on a winding road


Gorgeous backdrop for a drive along the coast

2 minutes till it's gone

I love seeing wild horses on the beach

African sunsets are so beautiful.

This is an amazing place to go hiking/camping.

It's called "Paradise Valley"

There's little water springs and waterfalls everywhere

The water comes out so fast and so strong and sounds amazing


This is the Peach/Orange sunset from my video I took on the roof.

This is one of my favorite pictures

It's surf season again!

Sunset surf

Honestly, I LOVE Morocco!

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Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom,

Thanks for sharing your love of Morocco. The nature is incredible. It's always there but sometimes we forget to appreciate it. Subhanallah :)

Anonymous said...

Good memories ; this make me cry but i'm rally happy for you, Allah blesses you