When I think of God, I thank Him for all of the trials and the tests because without them I wouldn't know who I am. I need His guidance to take me places I don't always know about in advance. The journey here on earth may seem long at times but in retrospect it's all a stepping stone to get to the real life. Better than Superman with his cape, Allah swooped down and rescued me from where I was in order to bring me to where I'm at now. I have a happiness in my heart that others spend a lifetime searching for in all the wrong places. Now I'm in a place physically and spiritually where I know that His light is always shining high above me. It never goes dim and it surely never fades. It's with me wherever I go yet I can't stop chasing it...

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Karina said...

I am amazed! So good to hear you insights. -Karina

Yosra said...

"I was looking for love in all the wrong places

Looking for love in too many faces
Searching your eyes, looking for traces

Of what.. I'm dreaming of..."

Bira Mantari said...

My English is not good at all, I read this article, as far as I could understand. I'm Turk and I'm Muslim and I proud of that. You mentioned very nice Islam. In a nation so blinded, I was surprised you find the right way. I'm happy for you. Thank you also for the people informed.