Greeny Beanies

This is completely random but I'm posting a recipe for some bomb green beans. Shout out to a certain lady in a Tutti-Frutti hat.

Here's what you need:

String beans from a farmers market. (just grab 2 big handfuls)
A little vegetable oil (can be cut with some olive oil if you like)
Garlic clove
Spices: Salt, Pepper, Fresh Cumin (SOOOO good), anything you want

Step 1: Cut all the yuck ends off the beans. Only cut one side and leave the other little pointy string thing on there, like this:

Next, chop up an onion. I only used half of a big one.

Start cutting it this way and go around the onion till you have a bunch of choppy pieces.

Then put about this much oil in a pan:

Keep the heat on Low-ish Medium.

Add about this much of each salt, pepper, and ground cumin and throw the onions and spices in the pan.

Cook those nasty little onions until they start to turn clear. Then put the beans in. It should be a party in the pan.

Let it cook and for about 5 minutes till the beans start to look really delicious. When you just can't take it anymore, grab one and try it. If it's good, you're done. If it needs something, add it.

This is how mine turned out:

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